June 13, 2016


The Gorillaz Comeback Album Is Coming in 2017

Parlophone Records
Parlophone Records

Fans of genre-bending artists that primarily exist in animated formats, we have news for you: The Gorillaz are releasing that long-fabled comeback album in 2017, so keep holding on for just a bit longer. 

The announcement comes from GorrilazNorthAmerica, which posted the news to Instagram. Whoever runs the account apparently heard the news directly from band co-creator Jamie Hewlett, and posted a pic along with a super exuberant caption:

Gorrilaz fans are probably doing cartwheels right now, after all, this prized comeback record has been talked about for years now. Frontman Damon Albarn told Australian press in 2015 that the band would start recording in September of that year. Maybe the final product of those sessions is what we're primed to hear next year.

Check out an archival Fuse interview where Albarn hypes new Gorillaz music: