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Meet Grace: 5 Things To Know About the Australian Pop Star

With “You Don’t Own Me” (feat. G-Eazy) climbing the charts and debut album ‘FMA’ due out July 1, 19-year-old Brisbane native Grace is slowly introducing herself to American pop fans. Here’s a primer on the promising singer-songwriter

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She’s been recording since she was 14

Dennis Leupold

Grace had been searching for her sound when she ran into Quincy Jones at a charity banquet in 2014. Jones put her onto Lesley Gore’s 1963 feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me,” and the two decided to remake it.

Fun fact: Grace is the little sister of Conrad Sewell, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter best known for Kygo’s single “Firestone.”

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She’s friends with her “You Don’t Own Me” collaborator G-Eazy

The cover was released last year and is the Australian singer’s first U.S. hit, climbing to No. 68 on the Hot 100 chart so far. G-Eazy slides in for a guest verse, returning the Oakland rapper to Top 40 radio following his Top 10 hit “Me, Myself & I” from earlier this year.

Grace met G-Eazy when the MC was working with her producer Parker Ighile (who assisted with “You Don’t Own Me,” in addition to Quincy Jones) in Atlanta. “I just came along to the session, played him the song, and he just loved it and wanted to jump on it,” Grace recalls. “It was a dream come true. I loved his music and I thought he’d be a great fit. I don’t think any of us would have done it if it had been a forced thing.”

And, yes, the two “You Don’t Own Me” voices remain close. “I was just with him in London!” Grace exclaims. “To see how much he’s grown and how everything’s been amplified is truly amazing. It makes me very proud and very inspired by it all. He really cares about doing something bigger than just making a hit record, and I really respect that.”

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The hardest song she’s ever recorded is called “How To Love Me”

Dennis Leupold

The contemplative ballad on FMA was inspired by a friend of Grace’s who was dating a jerk… but that’s not why it was difficult to finish. “I recorded it on my 18th birthday, and I was in London and away from all my family,” she recalls. “My dad called me and told me how proud he was of me and it made me all choked up and emotional. I went into the booth to record the song and I just couldn’t stop crying!”

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She cautiously accepts comparisons to iconic singers

Grace’s soaring, soulful voice immediately recalls classic artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele, which the 19-year-old calls “incredibly flattering” while maintaining her individuality. 

“You take it with a grain of salt, because you can’t let stuff like that get to your head,” she says. “You have to focus on what makes me special and a unique artist. You just have to grateful that people hear that in you, because it’s a massive compliment, but you can’t get caught up in trying to be like other artists.”

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She’s ready to tour the U.S.

Dennis Leupold

Grace says that the July 1 album release and an upcoming collection of U.K. festival dates are her top priorities right now, but that a proper stateside tour isn’t too far behind. “Hopefully I’ll get to do my own tour, just small rooms and stuff, out in the States,” she says. “I think it’s just time to get on the road, because that’s where I’m most comfortable.”


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