June 25, 2016


Gucci Mane Dropped New Track "All My Children": Listen

Gucci Mane has been busy since getting released from prison last month. He’s just dropped his third song, “All MyChildren.”

Listen to the above YouTube video to hear his newest track.

“All My Children” is about the major influence Gucci has had on other rappers, where he has taken on a fatherly role. His sincerity comes through with lyrics like:

  1. “I had to make a track to say I'm proud of you
  2. Stop that track to tell my children that I'm proud of them
  3. Making rockstars out of trap boys
  4. And if we never talk again, still got your back boy”

There’s still no word on when the rapper’s full mixtape will be released. In the meantime, we hope his newest track keeps everyone content.