June 11, 2016


Halsey Befriends Bonnaroo & Covers Fleetwood Mac After Hospital Visit

Erika Goldring / Getty Images
Erika Goldring / Getty Images

“Rolled right from the hospital to Bonnaroo and we still killed that shit,” Halsey wrote on Twitter following her Bonnaroo 2016 debut on Friday night (June 10). Although the singer-songwriter didn’t specify why she had been in the hospital (perhaps because of the allergies she mentions here?), no one could tell that there was anything wrong with the beguiling pop presence: she did, indeed, kill it, albeit with slightly less gravitas than her Coachella set in April.

Halsey worked with a much more basic stage setup this time around, although pyrotechnics like the bursts of light during “Colors” made her show more visually vibrant than most of the rock-centric acts on Friday. And while Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco didn’t show up to help Halsey at Bonnaroo, St. Lucia did, with a collaborative cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” that (wisely) served as a nod to the legends instead of a reinvention.

“We've got green hair over here!” Halsey exclaimed, motioning to one of her supporters, and then to a religious-looking fellow in the crowd. “Is that the Pope? Are you a bishop? God bless you—I didn’t know the Pope did so much molly though!”

Hours later, Halsey joined the Chainsmokers’ late-night set to perform their new single. Hey, it looks like Halsey is happy, healthy, and doesn't need anyone hounding her as to why she went to the hospital.

Below, watch Urie describe his “amazing” collaboration with Halsey at Coachella:

If you can't be at Bonnaroo in person, be sure to watch the official Bonnaroo Livestream on Fuse.tv throughout the weekend.