June 28, 2016


Did Halsey Just Tease a New Chainsmokers Collaboration?

If you follow Halsey on Snapchat, you probably saw something a little unusual yesterday. Okay, we can't say it's totally unusual: in her story, Hal is caught singing in the back of a car, clutching a smoothie...but it's what she's rocking out to that made us pause for a minute.

She's singing over the sound of her own voice, one the Internet seems to believe is an upcoming collaboration with The Chainsmokers. Halsey and The Chainsmokers performed the song, "Closer," together at Bonnaroo in early June. Check it out in the Tweet above.

Halsey teased the validity of the new song by responding to a fan with a long "Maaaaaaybe" when they asked if she previewed a new song. You can see that one above, too.

Come on, Hal, give it to us already! While you wait, take our ultimate Halsey fan quiz. Read up on the 11 times the Badlands singer was right about everything, adopt her badass style in 10 ways and watch Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie discuss collaborating with her in the original interview below.