June 1, 2016


See 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's' Hermione, Ron and Daughter Rose

via Pottermore.com
via Pottermore.com

Yesterday we got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's Ginny and Harry Potter in costume, accompanied by their son Albus Severus Potter. Now, with the 19-years-later stage play Deathly Hallows follow-up just six days away from its first public preview in London, we've got Hermione Granger (Noma Dumezweni), Ron Weasley (Paul Thornley) and their daughter, Rose Granger-Weasley (Cherrelle Skeete, no relation to Rita Skeeter).

See the group photo above, and some individual portraits here:

Quick flashback to the original casting announcement, for the confused and/or fussy:

Skeete—who has also appeared in live productions of The Lion King and The Wind in the Willows, had an adorable comment about playing Hermione Jr.:

"I can’t think about how big it is or I’ll just faint. ... Rose is ambitious, obviously her mum is Hermione so she’s got a lot to live up to. I think they’re quite similar in the fact they put a lot of pressure on themselves. And she just wants to do the right thing."

J.K. Rowling, who is involved with the play but did not pen the script, says Rose is "like her mother, but more secure, more grounded," adding that "Cherrelle plays her perfectly: bossy but deeply loveable." She also says Ron "isn't very different from Ron in his teens, except that his feet hurt a bit more." 

Pottermore is teasing two more in-character portrait reveals for Thursday, June 2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will see its script released for mass consumption on July 31.