June 7, 2016


Here's a First Glimpse of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'

via Pottermore.com
via Pottermore.com

Public previews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child—J.K. Rowling's stage play sequel to The Deathly Hallows—begin tonight in London's West End. While the play has already shared shots of the new characters added to the expanding Potter-verse, fans hadn't the slightest clue as to how Rowling's magical world would translate to the theater. After all, plans for the play originally surfaced a year ago, so anxieties have likely been running wild. 

Until now that is. Organizers on Tuesday tweeted a shot of the play in action, and it's a familiar scene: Hogwarts students lined up beneath crests of the school's four houses. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the long-awaited follow up to The Deathly Hallows—the latest installment in the book series. It showcases Harry, Hermione and Ron as adults and parents of young wizards. The play has already set the West End record for tickets sold within a 24-hour period, and for some fans the cost of admission is already worth thousands.

Not to worry though, because the script will also be released as a book. Look out for the newest Harry Potter tome on July 31