June 29, 2016


Hollywood Walk of Fame Adding a Ton of New Celebs

Jim Smeal/WireImage
Jim Smeal/WireImage

There's a slew of new celebrities whose names you'll soon get to see on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that loads of celebs in music, movies, TV, theater and radio have been accepted to get stars on their famous walkway. 

Musicians include the likes of Ice CubeJohn Legend, Hall & Oates, New Edition and *NSYNC—the latter inclusion meaning there's a slightly higher chance of a reunion with Justin, JC, Joey, Lance and Chris. Tejano music and Latin-pop legend Selena will also be honored posthumously.

On the acting side, Dwayne Johnson, Amy Adams, Jason Bateman, Goldie Hawn, Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo will all get honored, as will TV stars Tyra Banks, Hugh Laurie, Eva Longoria, Wolfgang Puck, Keri Russell, Lee Daniels, George Segal, Sarah Silverman and Jeffrey Tambor.

Expect your walk to get a lot more crowded very soon. See the full list of honorees here, then watch future Walk of Famer Lady Gaga talk about why she's afraid of fame below: