Is Seventeen Set to Be the Next Big K-Pop Act in America?

After the 2014 iteration of KCON in Los Angeles, I noted that BTS "might have been the newest artist on the bill, but the huge crowd reaction could have made you think otherwise" as the audience roared for the newbie group, barely letting the members introduce themselves before bursting into shrieks. I vowed to keep my eye on them and fast-forward just two years later, the seven-member boy band is headlining both KCON New York and Los Angles.

If you were on hand to witness KCON NY Day 1 or Day 2 this past weekend, you'd know that BTS by far created the most pandemonium of all the performing artists. But the next greatest response came from Seventeen's remarkably loud reaction and, if KCON history tells us anything, the 13-member boy band may be the next big act in America.