June 1, 2016


'SNL' Mocks Janelle Monáe & The Black Eyed Peas in New 'Star Wars' Audition: Watch

Before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered last November, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch filled with celebrity "auditions" for the anticipated film. Now, even more deleted scenes from the mock casting calls have surfaced!

The funny bit includes Sasheer Zamata impersonating Janelle Monáe, Vanessa Bayer as Jennifer Lawrence, SNL castmembers putting on their best front as the Black Eyed Peas and random impressions of Shia LeBouf, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Javier Bardem.

The sketch also features actual celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Jon Hamm, Emma Stone trying their hardest to snag a Star Wars role. John Boyega (who played Finn in the film) even shows up for an appearance!

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