June 22, 2016


Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch to Appear in 'Z,' a Film About The Zodiac Killer

Jason Squires/Getty Images
Jason Squires/Getty Images

Jason Hook is known as a riff-magician and the current lead guitarist of Las Vegas outfit Five Finger Death Punch. But Hook is lending his talents elsewhere, and is reportedly set to appear in a new thriller called Z, directed by Jonathan Wright. 

On Monday, Hook finished filming his part as an FBI agent who investigates a string of killings, and expressed some gratitude for the role on Instagram. 

Not a whole lot is known about the forthcoming project, which is currently being filmed in Ottawa, Canada. From Hook's caption, it's apparent that the plot centers around the unsolved Zodiac murders forty years after they were committed. Shane West is set to star opposite of Leslie Bibb in the Jonathan Wright directed flick, which combines themes of vigilante justice and high-octane thrills. 

Hook shared another photo yesterday of himself in action, looking a bit more clean-cut and John Stamos-y than usual: 

No release date is available yet for the film. Five Finger Death Punch is currently working on a follow-up to their latest release, 2015's Got Your Six.

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