June 30, 2016


Jim Gaffigan Wants You To Leave Nickelback Alone, Hater

If you are even slightly aware of pop culture, you realize that people hate on celebrities for no reason. You know, it's your Kim Kardashians, your Anne Hathaways, your Creeds. It's the basis of the first episode in the second season of Jim Gaffigan's show on TV Land. While promoting The Jim Gaffigan Show on Conan, he explained why Nickelback suffers from the brunt of that unnecessary hate:

“I don’t know anything about Nickelback, but I know my friends that are super cool despise Nickelback—like they kidnapped the Lindbergh baby," he says. "They’re playing music. If you don’t like it, turn it off.”

And then, Gaffigan spoke the truth: "I think it’s just that people define themselves by criticizing other things, and I think that’s wrong."

Gaffigan isn't the only person who's defended the Canadian rock band recently. Avril Lavigne (frontman Chad Kroeger's ex-wife) spoke out against the senseless hate:

"17 #1 HIT SINGLES!!!! What an epic accomplishment!!!! @Nickelback is adored by millions worldwide !!! I've seen their sold out shows!!!" she tweeted in May. "Enough is enough!!! You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. #SpreadMoreLoveThanHate."

Enjoy this Fuse interview with Nickelback: