June 3, 2016


Watch Jimmy Kimmel Interview Mariah Carey in a Bathtub

On Thursday night, in a throwback to an unforgettable MTV Cribs moment (and just a smart move guaranteed to get those #2016clicks), Mariah Carey and Jimmy Kimmel hopped in a bathtub for an interview. It's a wonderful, smiley bit, but, um...Jimmy Fallon did this exact thing with Bryan Cranston in February?

Whatever, let's roll with it. Once Mariah and Kimmel hopped in the bubbly bathtub, some shirtless hunks showed up with champagne and grapes. Thre pai went on to talk about Mariah's engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer ("He will not be upset when he sees you in the tub with another billionaire?" Kimmel jests) and her Las Vegas residency, where she performs all 18 of her No. 1 singles. 

It's not the only offbeat interview the iconic singer has given recently. Last week she hit Live With Kelly in lingerie. Before that she explained—neither in lingerie nor a bathtub—the deal with that shady Jennifer Lopez meme.