June 20, 2016


Joey Jordison: Slipknot Reunion Would Be 'F--king Awesome'

Jesse Wild/Rhythm Magazine via Getty Images
Jesse Wild/Rhythm Magazine via Getty Images

Ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison's departure from the group in 2013 was abrupt. Many fans were left confused by the beloved shredder's sudden exit, as there was very little explanation offered by the band. Although Jordison claimed he was fired from Slipknot through an email after serving as drummer for 18 years, it was revealed last week that he was forced to retire after a debilitating illness took hold of his body. 

Now though, we learn through Metal Hammer that Jordison wouldn't mind a reunion with his former bandmates. He says a powwow with the rest of Slipknot would be "fucking awesome."

When the possibility of a reunion was brought up, Jordison said: 

"Honestly, I’m not trying to be dramatic, but if that was brought up, what I’d want to do would be to get together. I’d want to see them, just hug it out and feel that energy that we had when we were fucking young and hungry and all that shit. They’re my brothers. We’d hug and talk and do shit like we used to do. We used to sit up all night along planning this shit and what we wanted to do. So that’s how I’d wanna do it. It’d have to be in person. If it happened, that would be fucking awesome, but only time will tell.”

Slipknot is currently gearing up for a run of tour dates with Marilyn Manson. There's no word as of yet if Jordison's desire to rekindle old bonds with the band will yield anything tangible. 

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