June 7, 2016


Will 'Justice League Dark' Be DC’s Next Animated Film?

DC Comics
DC Comics

Will Justice League Dark follow Batman: The Killing Joke as DC Entertainment’s next animated film?

It sure seems that way: Comicbook.com pointed out that the British Board of Film Classification is teasing a “sneak peak at Justice League Dark” with its listing of The Killing Joke. No official announcement has been made by DC, but the concept makes sense for the franchise’s darker animated film streak.

For those unfamiliar, Justice League Dark chronicles characters like Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Enchantress and John Constantine reluctantly joining forces to battle the supernatural. Justice League Dark is not related to Justice League, the two-part DC film that kicks off in November 2017.

Batman: The Killing Joke is due out July 23. Click here to read Mark Hamill’s comments on the expanded storyline of the Joker, and listen to a recent episode of Back of the Class below: