June 8, 2016


Justin Bieber's 'Company' Video Documents His Predictable Tour Life

Artists releasing tour footage videos to promote their singles isn't a new thing, but lately it's becoming a growing and very frustrating trend. The latest pop act to phone it in is Justin Bieber for his new "Company" video. Despite the song being one of the biggest highlights from 2015's Purpose LP, the singer decided to focus on tour life instead of giving it the proper video treatment it deserves.

Directed by Justin’s personal videographer Rory Kramer, "Company" is a visual documentation of the singer's life on the road over the past year. The video features his travels around the world, performing onstage, goofing off with friends and hanging with Skrillex and Kanye West. But if you already follow Bieber's Instagram, you've seen all of this plenty of times before.

In a press release, Justin stated:

“Personally, I love this video because it’s an honest look at my journey. The process of putting together this album and this tour—surrounded by people I love to be with—has been really special. I’m proud of it, it’s been a lot of fun and lot of hard work, and I think that really shows in video. I hope my fans like it as I much as I do, because it’s really all for you.”

Saying "This is for the fans!" is usually an excuse for releasing an uninspired video, as seen with Taylor Swift's "New Romantics" and Ellie Goulding's "Army." Promoting songs is hard enough, so it doesn't help when its accompanying visual falls completely flat.

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