July 3, 2016


Kanye West Plans 'Famous' Screenings Around the World

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Update (7/2): Since his big reveal of the "Famous" music video, Kanye West has been organizing screenings of the clip across the United States and select locations internationally. He has planned screenings tonight in the Hamptons, Detroit, Atlanta, and Berlin. Last night, he set up screenings in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and Philadelphia. For all the times and locations check his Twitter. A few are shown below. 

Original story: Last Friday, Kanye West debuted the “Famous” music video at a screening at Los Angeles’s The Forum. 

While the controversial clip is a Tidal exclusive, a censored version was also broadcast on E! tonight. Additionally, Kanye has announced that he will be screening the music video at six different locations throughout New York City, mostly in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Find his tweets with the locations below.

Since its flashy premiere, the “Famous” music video has received mixed reviews. Vincent Desiderio, the artist whose work inspired the concept behind Kanye’s clip, wrote an essay praising Kanye’s reimagining of his painting SleepLena Dunham has spoken out against the music video, voicing her concern for some of the clip’s implications. As for Chris Brown, who is depicted in the video, he is wondering why he has a “plumbers butt.”