June 17, 2016


Little Kid Adorably Interviews Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday: Watch

Ever watch a video interview with a musical artist and think, “Man, I wish an adorable little kid was asking these questions?” The Kids Interview Bands YouTube page has you covered!

This week, the popular series had the impossibly cool Piper chat with two Fuse favorites: Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday. Chris Carrabba literally gets asked, “If you could spend a day with any Muppet, which Muppet would you choose, and what would you do?” It’s amazing!

Oh, and Adam Lazzara and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday talk about fake metal band names and the Spice Girls. Do you ever need to watch another interview with TBS? No. Probably not.

If you ARE interested in another, adult-led interview with Dashboard Confessional, check out our 2013 chat with Carrabba: