June 23, 2016


Lindsay Lohan: I WILL Release That Third Album!

Chris Polk/FilmMagic
Chris Polk/FilmMagic

Do you remember classic songs like "Rumors," "Bossy" and "Confessions of a Broken Heart"? Of course you do, because Lindsay Lohan recorded them and they perfectly encapsulated the weird celebrity culture of the mid-'00s. 

Lohan put out two albums (2004's rock-pop-influenced Speak and the more somber 2008 pop album A Little More Personal (Raw)) while contributing to a slew of movie soundtracks (remember "That Girl" from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Once again, of course you do) and a third album was promised but never delivered. The dance-focused LP sounded totally promising with the likes of TimbalandPharrellNe-Yo and Stargate reportedly all on board.

Apparently that album will be coming out, as a super Lindsay fan asked the star about it during a Google Hangout interview on June 22, confirming she will eventually return to music: "I have to record another album for Universal and Motown [Records] and I will...Thank you for asking about my record. I love making music and I write everyday. And I will write for the hope of all of us, because I think it's important."

Lohan added that her younger sister Ali also has a record deal, and that music is Ali's only passion and out of respect of her sibling, she isn't pushing that career path as hard.

If it all sounds too good to be true (and believe us, we're hesitant to believe the news), take note that Lohan's official Vevo page is slowly being updated with official videos since last year; before this, Lindsay's music videos were only available as crappy, low-quality rips.

So while we wait, let's take it back to where it all started with 2003's "Ultimate," her single off the Freaky Friday soundtrack where she performed with a fake movie band Pink Slip: