June 3, 2016


Mark Hamill Hilariously Shuts Down Donald Trump Account on Twitter

Mike Marsland/WireImage
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Mark Hamill just pulled a fantastic Jedi mind trick on Donald Trump (or at least, Trump's followers), and it took him fewer than 140 characters to do so.

On Thursday, a Donald Trump parody account noticed that Hamill (Luke Skywalker to the masses, and the voice of The Joker to the slightly smaller masses) followed him (or her) on Twitter. "Let's finish tonight with a YUGE endorsement from @HamillHimself! Great honer!" the @realDenaldTrump account tweeted, hoping that Hamill would stand with the presumptive Republican nominee, and making a spelling error in the process.

Hamill replied, "2 mistakes here: #1: I haven't endorsed anyone #2: Last word in your tweet misspelled- 1st letter should be a "B"." Zing! Nothing like a grammar joke that can appeal to the political junkie and the middle school crowd.

And to be fair, if Hamill is going to endorse any candidate, it likely won't be Trump. Some of his other follows on Twitter include the Democratic Party's official account, Sen. Barbara Boxer and an account called "LOLGOP." If Luke Skywalker follows a Donald Trump parody account, it's because he's laughing at Trump, not with him.

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