June 23, 2016


Matthew McConaughey Would Return to 'True Detective' If Given the Chance

True Detective fans had to face a very grim reality when the show returned for its second season on HBO last year. What was once a spellbinding program had become a smoldering mess in its second iteration, some of which pertained to the absence of Matthew McConaughey's character, Rust Cohle. 

But McConaughey, in a recent interview on DirecTV’s Rich Eisen Show, said he'd be willing to reprise the macabre detective if given the chance. 

“I miss Rust Cohle, man...I miss watching him on Sunday nights," the Oscar winner said. Despite Cohle's shadowy disposition, playing the character gave McConaughey great joy: “I was a happy man when I made that for six months, because I was on my own island.”

The actor also noted that bringing Cohle back into the picture would comprise the show's anthology format, so any reprise would have to be coordinated in "the right context, the right way.” If McConaughey is to see his vision through, it would certainly cast aside rumors of the show's imminent demise.

For the entire segment of McConaughey waxing gloomy on his former creative muse, check out the video above, via Vanity Fair.