June 20, 2016


Michael Ian Black Wrote a Children's Book About Donald Trump

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images and Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images and Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Michael Ian Black was recently browsing the children's section at a random bookstore—after all, the comedian has written a few in the past—when he came across an uplifting book about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

In a flash, Black thought it would be hilarious to write a similar book about Donald Trump—whom the comedian called "a monster" in a recent interview with the New York Daily News

So he did, much to the chagrin of Trump's fervent supporters. Black today tweeted a link to his book, A Children's First Book of Trump—which features an orange, potato-like caricature of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on its cover. He didn't mince words when calling out Trump's anonymous Twitter army, either: 

In the same Daily News interview, Black noted that he's got some hard feelings towards Trump, but it might be the man's subservient Internet trolls that goad him the most. “Defenders of Donald Drumpf irritate me more than the man himself...People who are professional apologists for the atrocious things he says on a daily basis.” Black's book is infused with humor and rhymes, much like a Dr. Seuss classic. It's out July 5 and was illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. 

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