June 20, 2016


'Monopoly' the Board Game Becoming 'Monopoly' the Broadway Musical

Getty Images
Getty Images

Hasbro is diversifying its assets is a bit, and has a special plan in store for its famous board game Monopoly. The company announced Monday that the game is getting the Broadway-treatment, and will soon lend itself to a complete theatrical production called Monopoly: The Musical. Monocle-wearing titans of industry must be stoked to sing and dance on stage. 

The Araca Group, which is known for producing Broadway plays like Urinetown, Wicked, and Rock of Ages, is transitioning the iconic board game into the realm of theater. Simon Waters, Hasbro General Manager and Senior VP for Entertainment and Consumer Products talks the brand up in a statement: “Hasbro is dedicated to delivering new and exciting ways for consumers to interact with all of our brands and this stage adaptation will do just that.”

The company notes that Monopoly: The Musical will be a “unique and immersive experience for people of all ages,” just like the game has been for generations. There's no word on dates and casting as of yet, so keep those top hats ready in the meantime.