June 4, 2016


Muhammad Ali Dead: Boxing Legend Dies at 74

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

UPDATE: Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer and civil rights advocate, has died at the age of 74, according to NBC News

Ali had spent the past few days being treated for a respiratory condition. A family spokesperson confirmed the death, and a funeral service is being planned in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Read the full statement below:

Original Story: Muhammad Ali is reported to be in “grave condition” at a hospital near Phoenix, says a well-informed source from NBC News. Ali’s family is currently with him at his bedside.

On Thursday the 74-year-old former boxer went into the hospital for a respiratory issue in the Phoenix area. According to spokesman Bob Gunnell (via Associated Press), Ali was in the fair condition, and a brief hospital stay was expected.

Muhammad Ali has faced many health issues in recent years, dating back to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1980. Doctors say the disease was more than likely caused by the years spent boxing throughout his career.

Early in 2015 Ali was hospitalized while being treated for a severe urinary tract infection, which was initially thought to be pneumonia. 

The world-renowned boxer's last public appearance was made back in September when he attended an awards ceremony honoring his boxing career at the University of Louisville. Ali currently lives in the Phoenix-area with his wife, Lonnie.