June 12, 2016


Neil Young Publicly Condemns Donald Trump

Neil Young is setting the record straight on how he feels about Donald Trump. 

When Trump announced his presidential candidacy, Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” was blaring from the speakers. In a recent Facebook post, the Canadian singer-songwriter makes crystal clear that Trump’s usage of the famed song was unauthorized. “When I discovered that the candidate first used my song at his campaign launch, my management called his office and immediately requested he stop,” Young writes.

He continues: “After we asked him to stop using my music, he began hurling insults and then immediately released a photo to the media (again without my permission) to further mislead the public.” Young adds that he supports Bernie Sanders and advises to avoid journalism that “is purposely misleading.” 

In the clip above, Young can be heard saying, “Fuck you, Donald Trump.” 

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