June 8, 2016


Netflix's 'Fuller House' Beats Massive 'Walking Dead' Ratings: Report


Since Netflix doesn't release ratings for its very popular programming (or any of its programming), notions of how its shows perform compared to primetime cable are pretty much all speculation. But one ratings data firm recently did some research in that regard, and found that February's premiere of Fuller House reaped a huge windfall. 

Symphony Advanced Media uses its own metrics to judge ratings on popular streaming services. According to Indie Wire, the firm claims that Fuller House notched 14.4 million viewers among adults 18-49 (the most coveted slice of viewership) within the first 35 days of its Netflix premiere on Feb. 26. 

If those number are correct, it means the sitcom revival accrued a 10.4 demo rating, which is like, bonkers. Compare that with The Walking Dead's rating of 9.4, and Fuller House suddenly becomes one of the most-watched television shows of all time. Similarly, according to Symphony, the Netflix docu-drama Making a Murderer docked a rating of 9.7 rating with adults 18-49, or 13.4 million viewers in the demo, depending which stat sounds more jarring. Even still, it makes the Netflix program more popular than a glut of huge TV spots, including Sunday Night Football and The Big Bang Theory. 

The one glaring caveat here is the difference in platform—Netflix releases every episode at once, making it easy for viewers to binge on an entire series—while cable TV seasons are long and intended to tease viewers to stimulate ratings. Even still, it's bizarre to think of a 2016 sitcom starring John Stamos and Bob Saget destroying The Walking DeadSunday Night Football and others in ratings, but until Netflix starts releasing its stats, this is the best knowledge we have.