June 12, 2016


2 New Pokémon Have Been Revealed & They're Adorable

It's less than six months until the new Pokémon Sun and Moon are in our hands and the franchise is upping the excitement with the reveal of two new adorable monsters to appear in the upcoming games. 

According to images from a new issue of manga magazine CoroCoro, there will be two new characters named Nekkoala and Iwanko, according to GameRant. The first, Nekkoala, looks like a sleepy koala bear, who is said be a Normal-type Pokémon and found towards the beginning of the player's journey. The second, Iwanko, looks a bit like a puppy with a bushy tail and is a Rock-type creature. See them in the scans above that have begun being shared on Twitter and gaming forums.

Along with Magearna and the three new starter Pokémon revealed last month in the game's new trailer, these two new friends make a strong case that the upcoming games will include a slew of new characters. It's not currently confirmed how many new Pokémon will appear or if the game will incorporate past favorites.

Look out for Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out on Nintendo 3DS on November 18.