June 2, 2016


Nick Jonas Reflects on The Jonas Brothers in 'Last Year Was Complicated' Documentary

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Ahead of Nick JonasLast Year Was Complicated album release (out June 10), the singer teamed up with Tidal for an exclusive 7-part docu-series of the same name. Along with enjoying the mountain-filled scenery at his winter home in Mammoth, Calif., Jonas gets a little personal by revealing his true thoughts on The Jonas Brothers.

The "Close" singer opened up about the disbandment between his brothers Joe and Kevin,

"It comes with layers of complication, I don't know how else to put it. I feel...among friends, I feel uncomfortable speaking about it because it makes it feel like I’m complaining about something that really was a success story. But towards the end there was so much bias towards the brothers and the band…it was meant to happen and it ended, but there were probably...some issues that needed to be sorted out."

He went on to say his "13 to 20-year-old years come with a lot of regret":

“I'm loving throwing myself out there and seeing what happens and just exploring. I could literally fall flat on my face with this album, and I mean this genuinely. Peace only comes when you're so thrilled with what you made."

After checking out the teasers below, click here to watch the first episode of Last Year Was Complicated over on Tidal and flip through a list of boy band members who went on to be solo stars.