June 10, 2016


Nick Jonas' 'Last Year Was Complicated' Is Here—Stream Via Spotify Now

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Nick Jonas has not had an uncomplicated year. He's performed at a children's hospital with Demi Lovato, fielded weird questions in a Reddit AMA, jumped into an MMA ring and shared many choice cuts from his new album Last Year Was Complicated

It's been a whirlwind leading up the release of LYWC, but it's finally over, and you can now stream the album via Spotify below: 

In case you hadn't been keeping up with all things Jonas, the new album features collabs with Ty Dolla $ignTove Lo and Big Sean, and sees the rising star home in on deeper themes and expand his sonic reach. We've gotten a taste of a few sizzling numbers—including "Bacon" and "Champaign Problems"—but we'll quit harping on old facts. So what are you waiting for? Stream the damn thing! 

Next up, watch an early-solo-career Nick chat with Fuse: