June 7, 2016


Watch an 82-Year-Old Man Scream Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' On 'America's Got Talent'

Update (June 8): Check out what Drowning Pool thought of Mr. Hetlinger's cover in our interview with the band's guitarist CJ Pierce.

The best contestants on America’s Got Talent are the ones with a whole lot of personality, right? You'll definitely get a load of that with this guy we're about to introduce you to: an 82-year-old man by the name of John Hetlinger auditioned for the latest season (which premieres tonight on NBC.) He was once an aerospace engineer who worked on the Hubble telescope. While that should be considered enough talent to have him progress to the next round, his performance is what shocked all the contestants (even notorious crank Simon Cowell!)

Hetlinger belted out Drowning Pool's biggest hit "Bodies," and boy howdy can the guy scream.

The adorable gramps introduced his performance by saying he got really into karaoke during retirement, but no one could've expected what came next. Watch it above.

While you've got Drowning Pool on the mind, watch an interview with the band filmed at our Fuse studios in New York City, below.