June 23, 2016


'Ouija: Origin of Evil' Trailer Will Turn a Beautiful Day Dark Real Fast

If you have a creepy Ouija board story, this will surely top it. Above is the trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil—a period thriller set in 1965 Los Angeles. 

The plot goes like this: A widow and her two daughters are running a seance business, scamming people of their hard-earned cash as they search for loved ones caught in the afterlife. Then all of a sudden, one of the daughters becomes possessed, presumably for tampering with the spirits. Joke's on you, mom!

Ouija: Origin of Evil is the follow up to 2014's Ouija, which scored a $19.8 million opening weekend en route to a pretty big windfall—$50.8 million domestically and $100 million worldwide, according to Deadline. The new flick is a Blumhouse production, just like the last one, and is directed by Mike Flanagan. It releases October 21, just in time to scare the daylights out of eighth graders who consider ouija boards a venerable pastime. 

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