June 17, 2016


Overheard at Firefly Music Festival 2016

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

Firefly Music Festival is just getting started. The Dover, Delaware festival with the backwoods appeal kicked off on Thursday, and Fuse will be here all weekend.  And, since I'm taking refuge in the media tent nursing my baby sunburn and swatting away black flies like it's my job (even though my job is writing for this website), I decided to take some time to tell you guyz all the drunken, blissful banter I've heard in between sets.

So, as I listen to Night Riots from afar and anticipate Ellie Goulding and Tame Impala tonight, still digesting the pulled pork mac 'n cheese I wolfed down at a vendor called The Cheesy Pig (embarrassing), here's some fun stuff!

"That could looks like a giant, pillowy vuvla."

"Babe, babe, babe, babe. I'm just telling you, I need a ring on this finger by the end of the weekend." 

"Whenever I wear this underwear, I feel like I can do anything."

"Yo, I think my grandpa's here."

"I usually look like someone that people have gone to high school with."


"I've had my period longer than you've been born."

"Didn't they meet on Grindr?"

"Ask your father for your hand in sex."

"I'm so excited for George Delong." "Bro, I don't think that's his name."

"I'm getting lit ASAP tonight."

*hushed* "It squirted on her whole body!"

"You're not supposed to wear an Indian headdress to a festival."

"I might sound stupid, but Ed Sheeran can RAP!"

"This is a new song but it's only two minutes, so just sit tight and think about something else." - The Lonely Biscuits onstage

"What is even ranch dressing?"

"This pizza is so on brand for me."

"I wonder how many people have splooged in this hammock."

"There's so many bros here." - Bro

"He was like, 'I was looking at you across the way.' I was like, 'You just watched me pick chia seeds out of my teeth?'"

"I refuse to believe that you don't know what Kim Kardashian looks like."

"Make sure you don't say anything weird, or Em's gonna put you in her 'Overheard at Firefly' piece."