June 6, 2016


Is Original Paramore Drummer Zac Farro Rejoining the Band?

UPDATE (6/7/16 5:19 P.M.): Paramore has posted yet another photo featuring original drummer Zac Farro (see above.) Is the reunion really nigh? Read on below.

Original Story (6/6/16 5:42 P.M.): All the way back in January of this year, we reported that Paramore is working on a new album, their first since 2013's amazing, genre-bending self-titled release. There hasn't really been any new information on it since (we wager frontwoman Hayley Williams' new hair dye company launch and marriage to longtime boyfriend Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory probably delayed her studio time). 

That changed on May 5, when Williams shared an image from the studio. Today the official Paramore account tweeted yet another picture, but this one has fans everywhere wondering...is original drummer Zac Farro rejoining the band? Check it out above.

The caption is a simple "Eating with people not doing anything special at all," and Farro is seen sitting in the far left corner. Is something big happening? And if so, does that mean Underoath's Aaron Gillespie, who has been drumming with Paramore since 2013, three years after Zac's departure in 2010, will focus on his other band full-time? We'll leave you to launch 100 conspiracy theories.

Up next: watch an original Fuse interview with the band in 2007, where they talk about meeting and practicing for the first time, below.