June 5, 2016


Director Paul Feig Speaks Out On 'Misogynistic' 'Ghostbusters' Criticism

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Criticism of the new all-female Ghostbusters film has been sharp, with critics and fans deriding the movie as a "chick-flick" at best, and saying God-awful things about it at worst. Director Paul Feig is no stranger to the epithets and passionate diatribes that many a keyboard warrior have flung in the film's direction, and recently told The Hollywood Reporter about this experience. 

Speaking at the PGA's annual Produced By conference, Feig explained that he's "been hit with some of the worst misogynistic stuff," in response to the film, which currently boasts the most disliked trailer in all of YouTube history. Feig said that "it was my idea to do it all-female...I wanted to do an origin story and I thought the best way to do it was by doing it with the funniest women I know."

As captured by The Wrap, Feig continued, saying: 

"It’s my fourth film and we are struggling every day to go against that bias. We still get called in the press as a ‘chick flick.’ We are always referred to as the all-female Ghostbusters. It’s just an uphill battle and I can’t believe we are having to deal with it.”

The new Ghostbusters cast might be faring worst of all, however. Last month, Melissa McCarthy offered her own assessment of the situation, saying that the critics are "spewing hate." The Ghostbusters remake releases July 15.