June 10, 2016


Red Hot Chili Peppers Dish Out Spicy New Song 'We Turn Red'

Red Hot Chili Peppers have served up yet another track from their upcoming eleventh album The Getaway. "We Turn Red" is everything you love about RHCP: the separated, exaggerated syllables, the funky guitar, the sudden change to a dreamy chorus. Typical Red Hot, right?

"We Turn Red" is full of classic RCHP lyric choices ("we do the avocado" is pretty chill). It follows title track "The Getaway" and the slap bass-heavy "Dark Necessities," released in May. Olivia Wilde is directing the video for that one.

Despite Anthony Keidis' health scare last month, the band will be playing the new music around the festival circuit this summer and then will go on a headlining trek in September and October.

Next up, let's take it back a few years, and watch this interview we got with RCHP before their Super Bowl performance in 2014: