June 23, 2016


Your Hologram Could Sing With Rob Thomas’ Hologram on Tour

Noam Galai/WireImage
Noam Galai/WireImage

Have you ever dreamt of having a hologram of yourself created, and then watching that hologram sing with a hologram of Matchbox Twenty leader Rob Thomas? Of course you have. Now that lifelong dream can become a (virtual) reality, thanks to the “augmented reality” company VNTANA.

In a press release, the “first interactive hologram karaoke fan experience” is detailed as a VIP package on Thomas’ summer tour with Counting Crows, where fans stand in front of a custom display and see their hologram pop up next to Thomas’ within seconds. You can then sing one of three songs with Thomas’ hologram: new single “Pieces,” “One Shot” and the worldwide hit “This Is How a Heart Breaks.”

"Futuristic Karaoke! I always love to experiment with new technology and this is like nothing I've ever seen before,” says Thomas in a statement.  “It’s going to be very cool and I’m excited for the fans to check it out.”

Best of all, fans will be given a video of their hologram performance, so that us non-VIPs will be able to check it out on social media. The Great Unknown, Thomas’ third solo album, was released last August; it is not yet available in hologram form.