June 22, 2016


Run the Jewels Are Pissed About Kevin Hart's Upcoming Movie 'Run the Jewels'

Michael Schmelling
Michael Schmelling

Word came on Tuesday that Kevin Hart, whose list of upcoming projects is never allowed to contain less than 19 items, was producing a Universal movie called Run the Jewels. In case the essential rap duo of the same name wasn't already front and center in your head, the flick's about "a group of unsuccessful rappers trying to rob an eccentric hip-hop mogul."

And Run the Jewels is not pumped! Producer and co-rapper-in-chief El-P tweeted some hot, Game of Thrones–scented flames:

It's almost a suspicious move, with Variety reporting nothing more about the movie than the fact it's written by Alex Blagg (creator of @midnight, writer on Workaholics, previously an internet person) and Neel Shah (Men at Work, Puerto Ricans in Paris). Was Universal and/or Hart just trying to get a rise out of some of the most paid-attention-to rappers in the game? (Side note: Shah and Blagg also wrote a not-yet-produced script named after an established thing, Fuck Marry Kill.)

Watch Fuse's 2015 chill sesh with Run the Jewels at Bonnaroo: