June 20, 2016


Selena Gomez Hilariously Recovers From Stage Fall: Watch

Last week, Justin Bieber completely face-planted off-stage at a concert in his native Canada, Saskatoon's SaskTel Centre. It was pretty brutal, arguably his worst fall to date. You can check it out here.

Last night it was Selena Gomez who had the unfortunate experience of slipping mid-performance, but like literally everything she does, she did it with grace.

It's a slight fall: She lands sitting upright. Moments after the trip at the BOK Center in Tulsa, she laughs into the microphone: "First fall on the whole damn tour. Can you believe it?"

It might've brought an abrupt break to her Revival tune "Kill Em With Kindness," but the move served to humanize the starlet. She's totally perfect, even when she isn't.

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