June 21, 2016


Sky Ferreira Responds to Contentious L.A. Weekly Column

On Friday (June 17), L.A. Weekly published “Sky Ferreira’s Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now.” The article was quickly criticized for its sexist portrayal of the Sky Ferreira, reducing the 23-year-old singer to her body and her sex appeal. The publication has since issued an apology about how the piece “crossed the line.” 

On Instagram, Ferreira alluded to the L.A. Weekly piece with a photo (shown above) of her and Madonna—the two were compared a number of times throughout the article. Tonight, Ferreira addressed the L.A. Weekly piece in a series of tweets. She talks about her media portrayal, writing, "95 percent of articles & interviews about me have had something offensive, false or (sometimes extremely) sexist," and addresses her hesitance in responding to the piece immediately.

Find her tweets below.