June 17, 2016


Steven Spielberg Plans 'West Side Story' Remake, Talks 'Indiana Jones 5'

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As we sally forth into the Hamilton-fueled renaissance for musicals both onstage and onscreen, Steven Spielberg's getting in the fray. In a Hollywood Reporter profile, new stirrings of a West Side Story remake emerge. 

"Spielberg has dreamt of adapting it 'for decades,' securing rights after trying to get them 15 years ago," the magazine writes. Tony Kushner is writing the script, having worked with Spielz on Munich, Lincoln and the upcoming The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara. 

West Side Story would mark Spielberg's first musical (although he executive produced NBC's short-lived Smash). In 2011, he told CNN:

"I'd love to do an old-fashioned musical, where the characters talk to each other and then they sing to each other. I'm such a fan of the Hollywood musical, but I haven't found the right subject matter or the right book or the right music to throw myself into one of them."

In 2014, Spielberg called West Side Story "one of my favorite Broadway musicals and one of the greatest pieces of musical literature, my goodness, one of the greatest scores and some of the greatest lyrics ever written for a musical so just let me put it this way: it’s on my mind." 

The tale of the Jets and the Sharks debuted on Broadway in 1957 and got a movie from Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise in 1961. It's the most Academy Award–decorated musical ever with 10 statues, Best Picture among them.

The THR piece also features a bit of info about Indiana Jones 5. Spielberg is "super excited" for the July 2019-bound flick, saying it's "straight down the pike for the fans." Any hard details? "The one thing I will tell you is I'm not killing off Harrison at the end of it."