June 27, 2016


Taeyeon is Set to Own Summer With 'Why': Watch the K-Pop Star's Solo Video

Taeyeon made her first solo release in the fall of 2015 with with the stunning seasonal anthem "I," and today the Girls' Generation leader shows that she can own summer with a new track set to soundtrack the season.

"Why" fuses a delicious combo of sparse guitar strums and a woozy tropical-house beat. But like "I," the production is an ornament for Taeyeon's powerhouse vocals, which deliver precise harmonies and an emotional punch that many usually find missing from EDM cuts. At times the music does recall DJ Snake's "Middle," but the track finds a way to distinguish itself thanks to the vocal performance.

This song clearly has appeal past Taeyeon's native Korea: To date, the country hasn't let EDM jams like this have strong longevity, but we have a feeling America (and beyond) will totally embrace this all summer long.

The accompanying music video for "Why" also showcases a new side of Taeyeon, as the K-pop star gets goofy in a Los Angeles hotel pool, eats ice cream and plays on the wings in children's park, and lights fireworks in a desert, all in the name of letting go of a past love. Tae also displays a fiercer fashion style, rocking Moschino crop tops and a long flannel shirt that's is plastered with the phrase "Queen of Beers."

Why is the title track from Tayeon's new EP, which boasts a slew of genres and collaborators. Rising R&B singer Dean features on "Starlight," while Tae's Girls' Generation band mate Hyoyeon pops up on "Up & Down." Taeyeon previously teased the release of Why by releasing the bouncy "Starlight" as a buzz single featuring the two singers playing rebellious (but adorable) lovers. Watch that below, and stream Why on Spotify now.