June 8, 2016


Watch Drake Perform Improv Comedy as a Youngster

Drake is one of the biggest stars in entertainment, dropping mega albums one week and hosting Saturday Night Live the next. But every multi-hyphenate performer has humble beginnings, even the man behind "Hotline Bling."

An old video of Drake performing improv comedy at Toronto's Rivoli Theater made the online rounds Tuesday. The footage comes from a recent CBC documentary on the Rivoli, an historic Toronto venue that's become a cultural flashpoint for much of Canada.

The video shows a very young Aubrey Graham and his stage partner simulate a whimsical afternoon in a weightlifting gym. Drake is instructed to act "nervous" by the audience, while concealing his character's sexuality, who is later revealed to be gay. Watch the time capsule above, and try not the think of high school. Then, for some more nascent super star action, watch this video of a 12-year-old Kanye West spitting a freestyle