June 27, 2016


Watch Teens Hilariously React to Halsey

Unless you've never been on YouTube before, you've probably seen the work of Fine Brothers Entertainment, dudes dedicated to showing stuff to specific demographics and having them react. We watched old people respond to Bring Me The Horizon, we've seen teens lose their cool over Panic! at the Disco. Today it's the latter demo that's up to bat again, this time talking all things Halsey.

Most of the kids are at least somewhat familiar with the budding pop icon (duh, how could they not be?), but the results are still fantastic. We give special props to the kid who ingeniously compared Halsey's "Colors" video to a deodorant commercial.

Next, ttake our quiz: How Well Do You Know Halsey? Make sure to watch a video interview with Panic! frontman Brendon Urie, below, where he discusses collaborating with Hal.