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Love These to Death

8 Perfect Tegan and Sara Lyrics to Get You Through Anything

For nearly two decades, the sisters have released gut-wrenching cuts that speak directly to your soul's core. Before we get a new batch with their new 'Love You to Death' album, here are their hardest hitters to date

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"My Number," From 2000's 'This Business of Art'

From their indie work at the top of the century to their recent embracing of synth-pop, Tegan and Sara are famous for the lyrics that speak to any relationship, whether it's in full-bloom love or on its last shaky legs. Before their new album Love You to Death drops on June 3, check out their best songs (so far) that can you get through almost anything, along with the must-know lyric to share on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/your journal/wherever a certain someone might see it. Seriously. Tegan and Sara have been there, and they know what they're doing.

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"Got time to wander, to waste and to whine
But when it comes to you, it seems like I just can't find the time

So watch your head and then watch the ground
It's a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown
It's a silly time to learn to swim on the way down"

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"Living Room," From 2002's 'If It Was You'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"I hope I never figure out who broke your heart
And if I do, if I do

I'd spend all night losing sleep, I'd spend the night and I lose my mind
I'd spend the night and I lose my mind I'd spend all night losing sleep
I'd spend the night and I lose my mind
If I spend the night then I lose my mind"

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"Walking With a Ghost," From 2004's 'So Jealous'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"I was walking with a ghost
I said please, please don't insist

No matter which way you go
No matter which way you stay
You're out of my mind, out of my mind
Out of my mind, out of my mind"

4 / 8

"Nineteen," From 2007's 'The Con'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"I felt you in my legs before I even met you
And when I lay beside you for the first time I told you:
'I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you'

And now we're saying, 'Bye, bye, bye'
Now we're saying, 'Bye, bye, bye'
I was nineteen
Call me"

(But really, the whole song is a gut-wrenching listening experience)

5 / 8

"Back in Your Head," From 2007's 'The Con'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"When I jerk away
From holding hands with you
I know these habits hurt
Important parts of you

Remember when I was
Sweet and unexplainable
Nothing like this person

I just want back in your head"

(Also an overall gut-wrenching listening experience)

6 / 8

"The Con," From 2007's 'The Con'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"I listened in, yes, I'm guilty of this
You should know this: I broke down and wrote you back before you had a chance to
Forget forgotten, I am moving past this giving notice
I have to go, yes, I know the feeling, know you're leaving"

7 / 8

"Alligator," From 2009's 'Sainthood'

Hardest-hitting lyric:

"No hissy fits, mind my manners
Won't make a scene, oh
Over you, over you, over you
Over you, over you, over you"

8 / 8

"I Was a Fool," From 2013's 'Heartthrob'

Hardest-hitting lyrics:

"I stuck around
I did behave
I saved you every time
I was a fool for love, I was a fool for love
I was a fool"

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