June 20, 2016


The 1975 Gave Firefly Something to Scream About

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

This text from my friend in the thick of it explains everything about The 1975's set at Firefly Music Festival on Sunday night: "Girls around me are fcking crying. I'm retiring."

To be honest, she's one of those "girls" too, wedging herself up to the front of the stage. Fans of the British art pop band rarely admit that they are as intense as other 1975 fans, but once Matt Healy starts doing his spazzy dances, the screams come flooding in.

The 1975 took the stage on the last night of Firefly with a touring drummer (George Daniel broke his shoulder back in May and has been recovering ever since). Healy came out looking like a skinnier Al Pacino in Scarface, complete with polyester suit and gold chain, and guitarist Adam Hann was wearing the same floral The Kooples suit that Beyoncé was seen in earlier this week. Sipping on a signature Firefly drink in a jar, rather than the bottle of wine that Healy sometimes brings onstage, they launched into "Love Me," the Peter Gabriel-influenced tune that kicked off their colorful reincarnation as a band.

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

"You guys are gross," Healy said. He wasn't wrong. Many of the festival goers hadn't showered in four days. There was a collective, perhaps overeager laugh at his joke, but when it comes to Matty, you hang on his every word.

They launched into their next single, "Ugh!," and then "Change of Heart." As Healy danced, he bopped his head charismatically from side to side, puffing out his lips into the pout that represents his new self-absorbed character. However, it seemed like he lost the persona a bit when the band cradled the crowd into the slower part of their set. The boy band-level fanatics never broke their focus, while some of the stragglers on the outside perimeter took some of the ballads as the perfect time to check their phones.

They kicked up the tempo again 47 minutes into their show with 2013's "Girls," a song about underaged girls looking for love in an older guy, but then they brought it back down with the gospel-infused "If I Believe You," a song about struggling with a relationship with Jesus. When it came time to close the set, there was only one option to go with: "The Sound," their latest album's most popular single.

"I'm gonna need you to go fucking mental," Healy said nonchalantly while prefacing "The Sound." Of course, that wasn't a problem. And just like that, anyone who'd ever questioned their level of 1975 fandom (and the dedication of other fans) were all jumping together, bouncing along to the band they can't get enough of.