June 17, 2016


The Rock & Jimmy Fallon are Awkward Prom Dudes in Hilarious Sketch: Watch

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new movie Central Intelligence is out today, and the question is, is it as funny as his latest sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? Maybe… but probably not.

The Rock stopped by the show to put on a tux and some fake braces in a sketch about the most awkward prom-goers ever. They’re cocky enough by themselves, but whenever a girl approaches, they drop a bunch of nervous “Ermahgerd’s” and fail miserably.

Stick around for the chant of “Berhner alert! Berhner alert!” You’ll thank us when you do.

The Rock is one of the busiest leading men in Hollywood right now; along with Central Intelligence, co-starring Kevin Hart, Johnson will star in the Jumanji remake and an in-the-works superhero film on ‘Doc’ Savage. Click here to watch Disney’s Moana teaser trailer, starring—you guessed it—The Rock in a voice-acting role.