June 28, 2016


The Strokes' 'Threat of Joy' Video is Strangely Political

The Strokes make a return in their "Threat of Joy" video, marking the band's first one since 2011—and it's very strange! Directed by Warren Fu, it begins with a secret agent stealing the footage for "OBLIVIUS" before this message appears on the screen:

“Due to circumstances we are not at liberty to discuss, we are unable to present the music video for ‘OBLIVIUS.’ Instead, please enjoy a special presentation of the Strokes in...‘Threat of Joy.’”

The video then cuts to the band performing "Threat of Joy" in a studio while mysterious men wearing suits and pig masks continue to steal more footage. Neon-lit messages like "There is no escape" and "Protect us from the truth" appear throughout.

The Strokes released their Future Present Past EP earlier this month, which also features "OBLIVIUS" and "Drag Queen." Check out an in-depth look questioning if the band is truly back, and see our conversation with The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. at Lollapalooza 2015 below.