June 13, 2016


Watch Thom Yorke Play an Acoustic Set at his Neighbor's Garden Party

Radiohead's Thom Yorke decided to pop in on his neighbor's garden party in Oxford to bust out an acoustic set this weekend, surprising a few attendees.

According to Reddit user verylittlesound, whose dad went to the party, Yorke played “Desert Island Disk,” “No Surprises,” “Street Spirit,” “Reckoner,” and “I Might Be Wrong.”

The cameo is certainly making Radiohead fans jealous, but then again, you never know where Yorke may pop up next. After all, Yorke has been pulled some surprises for fans... like last month, when Radiohead played "Creep," a song Yorke has admitted to hating, in Paris.

On June 17, the day that their most recent album A Moon Shaped Pool will be released on vinyl and CD, the band will be holding a record listening party, "an exclusive day long audio stream from the band, competitions, instructional artworks and more," at record stores around the world. Check the locations here.