June 1, 2016


Toddler Dances in Circle Pit at Maryland Deathfest: Watch

Here are things that don't really go together: children—elementary and younger—and mosh pits where adults are present. (That said, if you have video footage of a bunch of babies in a circle pit, please send it our way. That sounds freakin' adorable.)

At Maryland Deathfest last weekend, an adorable toddler found his way into a pit, spin-kicking and windmilling with the best of them. He doesn't get hurt and it's actually pretty cute, so, you know, it's safe viewing.

According to MetalSucks, it was Metal Injection photographer Rodrigo Terco who caught the footage of this tiny tot breaking it down during Atrophy and Impaled Nazarene’s sets this weekend. That's a lot of mosh for such a little guy.

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