June 22, 2016


Tom DeLonge: I Did Not Quit Blink-182 Over UFOs

C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images
C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images

Two days ago rock, media went wild with the news that Blink-182 founding guitarist Tom DeLonge left his beloved pop-punk band to study UFOs. It was kind of a gross over-reading of what he actually said, which was that he took a break from Blink to work on other projects, but we digress. 

Last night, DeLonge shared a statement about the confusing news, revealing that he and Travis Barker are in communication. The pair did tweet at each other, so that's progress...right?

DeLonge wrote:

"Quitting the band to search for UFOs? Hahhaha WTF is wrong with you media. I'm actually talking to Travis about us right now... Never did quit, remember? But- Am I currently working with people in the Government? YES. Including leadership from DOD, Intelligence and Executive Branch? YES. Just wait for the Documentary before considering ridiculous headlines. Haha.... ‪#‎sekretmachines‬"

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